Exciting YUK News!

April 19, 2020

We have been talking about what to do about kids' work while we're all stuck at home. We miss the kids loads and wanted to do something that keeps teaching them that God loves them, and we love them, but also reassures them at this stressful time. So, announcing....

Every Sunday we'll be putting stories and activities on there. There's loads of stuff already up about today's theme - faithfulness, and next week we'll put up loads more stuff about the next fruit - gentleness. There's a whole lot of other stuff we can do as well over time, but hey, baby steps to start with. There's also an app you can download if your cherub has a smart device.

Please do show the site to your kids and tell us what they think, even if it's bad, we can make it better! We'll also be including a special "Gemma's Challenge" each week where the kids can win fabulous prizes, which will be given out when we do finally meet again.

Massive love and hugs

Gemma and David