The battle for the Plaque

July 22, 2019

Those super observant of you will know about this plaque that hangs on the wall outside of Coffee Tots, where we meet on a Sunday afternoon.

Our building has a beautiful, rich history of things that have changed the face of Coventry for ever, but more importantly, the plaque is also a pokestop for Pokemon Go, and an Inn for Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Except...

They put it in the wrong place!

Niantic, the people who make the two games, accidentally put the plaque down the bottom of Coventry Arcade, by Argos! nowhere near us and too far away to swipe when we're meant to be thinking carefully about Christian stuff. So we checked with them how to move it. They explained that we needed to provide the exact grid references of where the plaque should be. We figured this out with a bit of help from google maps, and then we got this email.

We've checked and the change has been made. The plaque is now an Inn and is swipeable every 5 minutes from within Coffee Tots!

Happy playing!